Profile Picture

A photo taken to introduce and inform oneself. In the early days, it was mainly filmed by fitness trainers or professional bodybuilders. Like Men's Health/historic cover models, it was recognized as a kind of 'pictorial'. Then, after around 2019, the media such as the media and magazines instilled a fantasy about men and women with good bodies, and as weight training was recognized as self-management, it is a trend that is increasing among the general public. It is similar to the time when the so-called “helchang” word started to become popular. In 2021, on Instagram, there are cases where people in their mid-30s are taking close to all-nude shots to leave a life shot before they get older. Of course, people in their 20s also take pictures like this, and there are female models, Pilates, and yoga instructors who post photos like this on the web.[2] In the 2000s, when the so-called "body-jjang" was popular, showing off your body by simply posting photos taken at the beach or water park on Cyworld is a culture that became popular in the late 2010s as an extension of that. In the past, if 'show off your body' was possible only in summer, now you can show off your body 365 days a year.