JISOO is a member of BLACKPINK, a four-member girl group from YG Entertainment.

JISOO was said to have been in the theater club when she was in high school and dreamed of entering the theater and film department. YG was the first company to audition to gain experience in audition, and it passed at once. The audition song is Lee Eun-mi’s lover. She was a trainee for five years from July 2011.

Actor Lee Min-ho filmed a Samsonite commercial.

JISOO has a mid- to low-pitched voice, unlike other members with strong personality, and has a soft and comfortable feeling. It harmonizes a lot and neutralizes the voices of the members. It has almost the same stable live performance as the music source.

BLACKPINK does not have a separate leader, but it also plays a practical leader as the oldest sister. Younger brothers follow well and always care about the team and fans the most.

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